About Angelique

Angelique is an emerging creative artist she has a degree in the Bachelor of Creative Arts with Contemporary Art and Writing majors at the same campus.

She was undertaking the honors project with Ann Wulff as her supervisor in the area of Experimental Video Art titled ‘Ghost in the Machine’.  It was not finalized due to some life crisis, and RIP all of those who passed that included my dear mother, Ann, and my father.

My works in progress are dedicated to many others who have passed not mentioned. I hope sometime soon to honor all of them with some projects completed and this might be in the form of a novella.  A Ghost in the Machine.

Ghost=The human element (or its trace)+ Machine= Existence (or anything that equates to this) = The spaces, or gaps in between!!

In this, she will explore ideas using digital moving images and post human concepts. And using theoretical methodological approaches like the rhizome, post-structural meditations, heterotopias, feminist and therefore liminal spaces….

Hopefully creating a meditation discovering the spaces in between, and finding a platform to express ways of extending ‘virtue’ epistemologies from newer perspectives.

Angelique is interested in setting a clear, and coherent ideology about the ‘isness’, and encourages debate on the feminine/ masculine qualities in her work. Her research will be generally of qualitative. But since science is an important path to her understanding of structure, her work although largely influenced by philosophical dominant discourses of modernity that are still living inside a post-modernity, and the moment of living in the ‘now’ of the time of the ‘ephemeral’ age.

Notions of blurred genres can be seen or felt, and are explored. Since her beginning in the 70’s as child/teenager of that time. She is largely influenced by that of the non-linear, and the open ended…

Where at this point a collision of the traditional, sociopolitical ideologies, and also of many theories and texts, paradigms overlap. That included the ‘other’, and the sacred textual ties that were allowed to develop during that time creating new perceptions of what it means to be a human now.

Hmm…And things like….Literature, fiction, and non- fiction have played a significant role in her reading of the past, present, and future.The cinematic rewinds and forwards in her horizons, where in the end her final product is generated. Where a play of sound,  words, and visuals will finally discover the essence of her perception. Perhaps in a state of scaring, lulling and making mock… Much can be discovered.


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