And if…

And if…


And if she was there                 he would be too

Singing that lullaby                  he would be humming along

Enchanting caresses                 enjoying the delicate touch

To give gently away                accepting that endless giving


And if she was not                   he would not know

Leaking her tears                     are a salty cleansing

Through warp-holes of love   that divine parallel universes uniting

From dimensions unknown    but discover new possibilities


And if I was there                   and I was opened timelessly

Filling red holes                     sweetest wounds of cupids arrow

Unleashing fantasies              of pure magic

Utterly gone                           but always found


But I’m here                           where we are

I am                                        you

And you are                            me


Here                                       And there…



Gonzalo Castro                     Angelique L. Jenkins


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