At that moment

How I enquired in shy bliss

How meek can one can be?

But this one infused a delicate momenatry glint of attention

Dreamily I found myself drifting upwards

As it happens

Along a field

Dotted by white blots

It occurred for a sliver in rhyme

As I caressed that angle delicately



And dug deeper into my memories

It was a kind of a mirroring…

That reflected those once known modes of existence

Shuddering at that thought


In the stillness and solitude

Universal pieces flickered in the blushing crimson sunrise

That appeared on delicate opaque azure horizons

As the drone of sounds billowed past

Shunting to noise

Lulling finally

Like shards of interplanetary cosmos

At speeds unknown

It was then we took breath


And it all zoomed into focus

Tiny soldiers of dust


Reframing and adjusting

Killing time it seemed??

As it rose upwards

And drifted out of sight…



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