Traversing the contours and valleys

The outer senses conduit electric pulses

And convulsions interrupt the daily mode

Lost again in that eternal bliss

I surrender

In shutdown

Adoringly the caress of these nagging sweet claws

Takes me too deep

Am I drowning in your memory?

Crashing once and again

Upon that delicate contradictory softness

And metallic shiny surfaces of your form…

All at once, we reflect and meet- it seems?

Like mirrors of other worlds we have known so well

Yet still as some mystery unsolved…

 Our lips/hips join as torsos glide in tender release?

As a magical silvery glittering of sparks ignites

Like shooting stars into the soulless night of sudden motionless bliss

Are we free falling?

A kaleidoscope of rainbows sprays

Into wings of this cosmic universe spiraling

And a canopy of milky ways opens the mood, divides musically

As it imparts a vibration of timed possibilities


We hasten that link gliding along connecting effortlessly


Melting finally in that heat we are fuselage

Temporarily it disguises us like ice particles

Frozen as we hail down from the sky


Out of glitch now walls entrap to the physical realities that interrupt us occasionally

Smiling all the while…

We drift back to the mundanity revisited…

Angelique L. Jenkins









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