Disturbed Nest

Disturbed Nest

From the birds eye

And the corner of my eye

She watched me

Running by to the gardens edge

Past shimmering rainbows of summer bloom

Honeybees were buzzing

(Arranging their positions)

Consuming sweet perfumes

Perched up above she watched me

Wiping grubby face

On my lace

Many would be disgusted

I entered through the rusty gate

On the dusty dry red river bed

Forbidden on adventure

Looking back

I snatched a glance

I sensed the watcher- watch me

The creek did not flow

No chance up there was thunder

On soft bare feet

Creeping slow, and crouching low

The rickety old bridge

I was soon under

Glancing back

Behind mummy’s back

Feeling naughty

I wondered if she saw me?

My heart it thumped so hard

Made such a fuss

My knees began to tremble

Where was that sound?

Those beautiful notes

Her family sang?

I pondered…

My throat was parched so dry I choked

When reaching in with chubby fist


The smell was putrid

I looked in too with grief, and evil disbelief

And screamed into the void

Begged for some relief

Tears did then flow

In mournful bellow

On knees I fell to gravel

With hands now stained in crimson shock

And splattered on my pretty frock

A tantrum I did swallow

Surveilled inside her watchful eye

I watched, the watcher -watch me!

Angelique L. Jenkins


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