Drowning in a pool of memory…

Drowning in a memory pool

The heart hastens in looping thoughts

It quickens in memory of you

How do you forget?

How is anything erased?

I cannot delete these incessant thoughts

The beat of our hearts bang in my head

So the tears trickle

As the blood thickens vessels adrift on the inside


Ever so slowly until they pour

Till I am swimming in an ocean of romantic interludes, swirling …

Drowning, drowning, drowning…

I cannot forget us- as I try to swim towards the facade a ghostly apparition of you

Against the currents undertow, effortlessly

Sinking, sinking, sinking

Pulling my spirit down into the deepest murky darkness of solitude

Without you

Soon I will glide across the tranquil reflective inky waters

Floating towards safety

Meeting you at the shores edge

Like some beacon of hope waiting, wading timelessly

Till the tides wake

Takes me away once more

Surrendering to the bliss and memory of you


Angelique L. Jenkins

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