it’s like to fill a void

It’s like to fill a void

that is already full and complete

it’s like to shut up your mind

to find a no thoughts while thinking

forget everything that every went on before

it’s about knowing the unknowable and being ok without knowledge

about knowing that the future is never quite here yet

only that now ever exists, retracing past/ present and future…

at once all given

it’s about letting go of your dying moment

since it already arrived at your birth

it’s about never starving because you will always be fulfilled

it’s about not controlling but allowing

about not being extremely happy nor sad

it’s about knowing things will pass

and storms come and go

tides will rise and retreat

it’s about everything being ugly and beautiful all at once
it’s about being ok in the not knowing

it’s about never talking about it too

not uttering

and finding it in a noiseless gap

we have named silence

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