Long and twisted grow the days


Long and twisted grow the days

Magnetic forces collide

Dispersed broken into slivers

Sparks burn effortlessly

Losing the coppery twine


Cool air surrounds like a fresh icy pool

Refreshing the burning deep of desire

And pulls softly


Memories flood the crevices

Sensually there enters an earthed tenderness

Beholding and beheading the matter

Divining the heady mix

They face each other’s tormented spirits

As if in duel

Mirroring mistakes

As time teeters

Edging the cracks open

Ticking ever so slowly

Creeping endlessly forth

Like a viral march

Tendrils wrap constricting ability

Choking the last remnants of breath

Yet magnetism wins

Constricting the ticking in her head

Till it snaps

Dissolving fragments of perception

In orbit at last

Casual damage is evicted

He gathers her energy


They float towards

A whole new world

As the rose of sunset smiles leaving a wake behind them …


Angelique L. Jenkins





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