Oh is the melody of desire


Oh is the melody of desire

 Songbirds awaken thy sleeping beauty

Caress is the cool of morning, upon thy skin

Heady romantic interludes ignite


I glide breathlessly

And dance within the history of our past

What did we ignore?

How could it have been more tangible?

Reaching out to find your hand no longer

I turn to face emptiness

And shiver

It pulls me into the darkest deep

The haunting charcoal of your spirit uncloaks me



It’s like every particle is adrift

Seeking the oscillation

That once contained our vessel

Although lost and found endlessly


Time and space seem to refract

Into rainbows and voids

The aching of our being is but a story invented

A lusty ballad that intertwines

It traces every part of me

So in fact you surround me


Ringing tunes of reason





The longing repeats as the new day approaches


And becomes history once again

The dark chocolate of your eyes- penetrates

The quenching of your moist kisses- liquefy

The warm tenderness of your embrace- accepts (enshrouds)

Repeats like a computer in glitch

My heart skips a beat

The breath quickens in orgasmic relief


As I search touching myself

Finding you inside

In the mirror you are behind me

Taking me over and again in passionate holding

Like a whore I beckon you

Wanting, needing, begging

Purring we surrender

Smiling too a tear trickles

Against the rose of our cheek

As the crescendo falls

Tasting its salt

I absorb your sugary essence

It intoxicates me

I cannot breath

I cannot move

I am trapped

Caged forever in the rapture of our love

Angelique L. Jenkins

Friday, September 6, 2013

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