Living inside this skin

It’s creeping

It’s crawling

Even the skin gets under the skin

Sometimes I feel a stumbling a mode of blockage

It moves

It find’s its way

I never knew why I would feel this way

When considering it’s time to move on

I get stuck inside this living thing

This me

I find you there

We find each other

Time ticks

But this is all illusory

It’s just the sanguine of my mundane parts stretching beyond limits

The salty flow washes my feet

And I search the full moons potential

Drifting out I notice the vanishing point

Where could I be

Inside you inside me

In this cosmic energy, I am thrust upwards

And from this proximity, I become the global positioned system

Below is a soupy mass, and it’s dividing


I become liquid as the gravity pushes me

But I hold to the virtue of the nothingness I am now experiencing

It lulls you and me

And all of us


Laughing all the while as it makes mock

Ha ha ha

There are sparks inside the quarks

And ahead meteors witness the end of things

All of this is imagined of course

Is this an event in the horizons of eternal bliss?

Of the beginning of ends

 So it’s now I begin

To come back to my skin

To the soup

I am making for you for me for all of us

The first ingredient is warmth

As I stir and add spice

How does it taste now?

 I stir in more of the same

Its something I had to order in

But seriously now I forget the name of it

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