Virginias Curse


Virginias Curse

I met a girl along the way

It was just the other day??

She reminded me of someone who

Like I already knew??

Her lips were a blood red rose

She had regal length of nose

Her braids of raven fell down her back

Meeting hips of a somewhat cul-de- sac

There was no evidence of legs

Perhaps they were just wooden pegs??


Eyes of chocolate saucers it appeared

Surrounded by linen white atmosphere

She greeted me a happy day

As she skipped along the way

I pondered then as I bent down low

But her I did not seem to know??

Well this may sound bizarre

As my thoughts did drift off afar…

She haunted me in every gale

Like in creepy ghostly tales

It was then I began to choke

Of nothing morbid I did provoke??

Days grew long, and cold, and damp

Nights I shivered ‘neath bedside lamp

Shadow’s dark against the wall

Grew into looming monsters of appal…

My reflection it found me there


With bold and devastating stare

She was hanging behind me in the mirror

But it was myself I saw in terror

Could this be a nightmare she wished me to host??

Or a bitter horror- conveyed to post??

Let us sleep…

Before this cauldron becomes too deep

Ah my lovelies please do not weep



(And this note- I insist you do not to keep…)

Angelique L Jenkins


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